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In this post I’ll what happend when

Join the Bethereum family and get free Bether Tokens!

Help spread the word about Bethereum and compete for over 20 million tokens. Engage in weekly competitions and our community betting game, and take part in a final lottery with additional amazing prizes.

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They’ll get 10% extra bonus and you’ll get a reward of 10% of all the Bether tokens they purchase!

What you waiting for?

Gain Bounty points by performing various activities. The more points you gain compared to other Bounty members, the greater your Bether reward will be at the end of the token sale. Once signed in to the Bounty, you’ll be able to check your current point and Bether token balance on the first row of the Leaderboard.

Or you can bet and earn token!

When you place bet on your team you must place 300PTS and you will get tokens only if you win but on you can get amazing 200PTS if you share that bet on social networks, so, if you lose you lose only 100PTS and if you win you get much more!

bet on bethereum and win free tokens

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